18 July, 2018

Your Metabolism: Kick Start it!

Many factors such as stress, age and diet can slow down your metabolic rate. Take the opportunity to start thinking about waking up your metabolism as part of a healthy life style.

Everyone’s metabolism is dependent on a variety of factors including the foods you eat, the amount of exercise you get, how well you sleep at night and, of course, genetics. But there are ways you can speed up your metabolism and get your body burning more calories. Here are five ways to kick-start your metabolism as we head into spring:

  1. Drink up

Water is an important part of maintaining good health in general, but a German study found that drinking 17 ounces (or about half a litre) of water first thing in the morning can boost metabolism by around 30 percent for up to an hour or more. Dehydration can also masquerade as hunger, so make sure you’re not actually thirsty before reaching for that snack.

  1. Break it up

Eating more, smaller meals over the course of the day, as opposed to three large ones, will help keep your metabolism high since your metabolism speeds up every time you eat. Eating more often also keeps your blood sugar at a more even level, helping you to feel less hungry and reducing those cravings.

  1. Muscle up

We’ve heard it before, muscle burns more calories than fat. This means the more muscle mass you have, the more your metabolic rate goes up – even while at rest. Add some strength training or resistance exercise to your workout program. Even using light weights make a difference.

  1. Step it up

Although it might not be adding to your muscle mass, aerobic activity is also important to metabolic rate. High-intensity exercise can speed up your metabolism in the hours following a workout.

  1. Spice it up

Eating red chilies, black pepper, wasabi, and ginger all raise body temperature and, therefore, increase the metabolic rate. As an added bonus, spicy foods often leave you feeling fuller and more satiated.

Remember, before starting any new diet or exercise program, it is best to seek the advice of an expert.